The Development

The quality and style of the homes developed by Sedona Villas Pattaya supersedes all others without a doubt. Voted “Highly Commended” for “Best Villa Development” by the Thailand Property Awards in 2011 & 2013. These achievements show that Sedona Villas are not only eye catching to the common home buyer, but also the proven track record behind the force which drives the development of Sedona Villas. The feeling of peace and tranquility absorbed when setting foot into these beautiful luxurious villas is what some would refer to as nostalgic. That relaxing and carefree feeling you remember as a child growing up is the aura which makes you feel carefree and right at home here in Sedona Villas.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration is the city of Sedona located in the state of Arizona USA. Sedona is well known for it’s scenic beauty and luxurious properties. It’s a “Good Life” with year round sunshine and exquisite countryside surroundings. The design of Sedona Villas Pattaya has a truly unique modern style which is focused on quality, luxury, and functionality. All rooms are designed to enjoy the beautiful views of the lush landscaped tropical gardens and the large swimming pool, which with it’s fountains creates a soothing feeling throughout the day. Surrounded with 2 meter high walls, this gated community is well secured by CCTV and 24 hour guards.

Exciting features

Upon driving up to Sedona Villas Pattaya you will immediately notice the beautiful landscaping on the main street before coming up to the immaculate gated entry at the front of the development. As you drive past the entry gate you will see the two meter high walls which surround each individual villa in Sedona. The sense of privacy, security, and comfort set in as you press the remote control key to open your two car garage and park your car. You are now home in your humble abode. The walkway leading up to the front entry of your luxury villa is beautifully landscaped giving you the utmost feeling of tranquility. Upon entering your luxury villa, you head to your European standard kitchen to fix a bite to eat. While preparing your food, you contemplate whether you would rather enjoy your meal at your long kitchen island, in your lavish dining room, out on your patio, or in your serene sala. You opt to enjoy your meal in your sala so you can take in the the ever so calming sounds of your pool’s water feature.

The ataractic setting of the landscaping around the villa is overwhelming as you watch the LED lights come on with the setting of the sun. Your six meter by twelve meter overflowing pool is now beckoning you for a quick dip. As you ponder about what to do next suddenly your front entry intercom starts to ring. You make your way to the kitchen where your two way video intercom system is located to see who has dropped in for a visit. Your lovely neighbour is at your front entry gate with some dessert for you. Just in time as you have just finished your dinner. You press the unlock button on the intercom keypad to meet your neighbour for your evening dessert. You think to yourself about how nice your neighbours are and realise that your decision to buy in Sedona Villas Pattaya was precise. The is no greater feeling than knowing your investment in Sedona Villas was impeccable. Your dreams can become a reality here at Sedona Villas.

“We build Dreams”